Apit 15

Apit 15

Apit 15

Preciseness and simplicity integrated in the compact body.


■ Analog meter in large display.
The movement of the file can be traced precisely by analog meter.
Large display provides the perfect visibility.

■ Easy adjustment function.
Easy adjustment function allows for different usage for each specific root canal and enhanced precision and accuracy.…
Two modes, Automatic mode and Manual mode, are integrated for dentists' techniques.

■ Quick installation, quick storage
The cord is retractable and can be stored in the body.


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Product Information
Product name(Model) Osada Apit 15 (EM-S15)
Genaral designation Apex locator
Manufacturer Osada Electric Co., Ltd.
Power voltage DV6V. (4 pcs. of AA-size alkaline dry battery)
Input: 35mA

Dimension W104×D99×H104㎜