Dental Chair Set
Smily Inicio

<font size=1>Dental Chair Set</font> </br>Smily Inicio
Standard model with high-performance, high-quality design and variety of safety features.

<font size=1>Dental Chair Set</font> </br>Smily Inicio


■ Allows comfortable treatment style
Instrument holder which can move freely is easily set above the patient lower chest position and it allows doctor to take comfortable treatment style.

■Simple maintenance
-The spittoon maintenance is simple with automatic draining function.
-The water circuit of instruments are cleaned at once with running water. It prevents the choking in water circuit of inside the instruments.

Note: The water receptacle tray in the photo is optional.

■Offers an ideal environment where doctor can concentrate on the treatment
-LED light which illuminates the operation field is installed as standard feature.
-The turbine speed is adjustable in three steps and provides smooth treatment.
-The range of micromotor speed is from 100~40,000 rpm. and applicable to wide range of treatment. By combining use with instrument memory, the pleasant treatment can be performed matching to the treatment contents.


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Product Information
Product name (Model) Osada Smily Inicio
General Designation Dental chair set
Manufacturer Osada Electric Co., Ltd.
Power input Voltage: AC 220V(Counter type)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Currency: 5 A