Oral Surgery

<font size=1>Oral Surgery</font> </br>Falcon
High quality power output with a variety of tips.

<font size=1>Oral Surgery</font> </br>Falcon

Upgraded model for ultrasonic usage opens the new stage for ultrasonic surgery.



■ Improved bone-cutting efficiency.


■ Vast array of tips usable for numerous surgical procedures as bone cutting, bone drilling, bone tissue collection, membrane separation, and periodontal membrane separation.


■ Prioritizes safety-using ultrasonic waves reduces the risk of damage to soft tissue, blood vessels, and nerves.


■ Enhanced memory function-six configurations of power and irrigation can be set into memory.


■ Simplicity-irrigation preparation and maintenance managed by one button.


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Product information
Product name (Model) Osada Surgery Falcon (OSF-1)
General designation Dental piezo electric bone surgery device
Manufacturer Osada Electric Co., Ltd.
Power input Voltage: AC230V.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Current: 0.5A

Dimension W216 x D269 x H474mm (including bottle hanger)