Success 40

<font size=1>Laboratory</font> </br>Success 40
Wow!It's small!!

<font size=1>Laboratory</font> </br>Success 40

Brushless micromotor performance changes the image of dental laboratory and jewelery processing.


This space-efficient product saves desktop working space and provides a comfortable working environment with its silent rotation and small oscillations.

The minimum rotation speed is 1,000 min-1! Excellent work may be accomplished at low speed.
A smooth surface provided by a a stable torque.

Lever-type handpiece allows to exchange the bur by one hand.


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Product information
Product name (Model) Osada Success 40 (OS-40)
General designation Dental laboratory electronic handpiece
Manufacturer Osada Electric Co., Ltd.
Power input Voltage: AC230V.
Frequency: 50/60Hz.
Current: 0.1A (Max: 1.25A)
Rotation speed 1,000 to 40,000 min-1
Dimension W100 x D185 x H105mm