Portable Unit

<font size=1>Portable Unit</font> </br>Daisy
Daisy delivers visiting treatment with tender heart.

<font size=1>Portable Unit</font> </br>Daisy

-Whenever, wherever, whomever- it is needed.
Daisy signifies "Feeling the same with you" in the flower language.
Osada portable dental unit "Daisy" cares about patients' feelings and treats them kindly like a sweet daisy greets you with a smile.

■Portability with usability

Daisy provides the perfect portability with installed instrument.

Slim and compact design allows minimum-space dental treatment.
Unit part and vacuum part can be installed in one body.

Instrument holder hook enables to adjust the height of instrument holder for any situation of the treatments.

■Efficient operations

Liquid cristal touch panel provides easy and efficient operation of the unit, with also error messages for safety use.

Touch sensored power control switch is helps for controlling rotation speed or power of instrument, and selecting modes.

Maintenance mode is integrated for easy maintenance.

■High specifications

Installed with high grades instrument;
G1 micromotor, 1:1 straight handpiece, 200,000min-1 contra angle handpiece, multi syringe, and vacuum.
Available option: OE-10L ultrasonic scaler.

Integrated water tank (400ml) and drain tank (1,100ml).


Option for Oral care set;
The oral care set can be used in combination with the vacuum part.
Irrigation equipment for oral care: It is the combination of Oral Care Brush and Suction/Irrigation tubes for oral care.


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Product information
Product name (Model) Osada portable unit Daisy (OPU-D2)
General designation Portable /Optional dental unit
Manufacturer Osada Electric Co., Ltd.
Power input Voltage: AC100V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Current: 4.7 A