Refine for the future

Refine for the future

Effective July 16, 2021, the Osada logo has been redesigned.
"We will continue to make coils by our hands and deliver One and Only custom-made unit to doctors."
The thoughts of our founder, Tsutomu Osada, has not changed. We will not change it.
Osada has been spinning with its customers since its establishment in 1935.
Osada will continue to move toward its 100th anniversary.

■Symbol Mark

Osada's manufacturing philosophy is to "continue to make coils by our hands and deliver a custom-made unit to doctors under the spirit of "Osada for electric engines".
This symbol mark expresses the spirit of Osada's craftsmanship.

This symbolizes the winding wire of coil, which is the root of Osada,
It also expresses Osada's corporate culture of "leaps and bounds,"
persistence, and sincerity and agility.


Since its establishment in 1935, Osada has been refining and improving its products with a "field-first" attitude.

It is now common sense to brush teeth daily to maintain healthy teeth. But it is not limited to brushing.
Taking care of the tools and devices used every day and keeping them polished is an indispensable action in people's work and daily lives.
Also, it polishing brings out their true brilliance, like as gemstones.

The word "polish" suggests a positive attitude toward the future,
The word "Polishing" implies a forward-looking attitude toward the future, and it is our intention to continue to refine not only our products and technologies, but also our company.