Geriatric Dentistry
Opal Comfort

<font size=1>Geriatric Dentistry</font> </br>Opal Comfort
Considerate and easy-care unit for doctor, assistant and patients.

<font size=1>Geriatric Dentistry</font> </br>Opal Comfort

Considerations for patients;
The facilities for comfort with full consideration are integrated for all kind of patients with difficault of leg mobility, the aged people or small children as well as the normal patients.

■Considerarions for all people in charge of dental treatment

The chair swivels 180 degree for patients to enter/exit the side or back from the unit.

Front tilting system allows the chair tilt 5 degree frontwards and helps patients with lower step position. Back tiliting system enables the comfortable treatment for patients with hump back.

Care mode provides the slow movement of chairs with shock-less smooth chair movements.

Support arm supports the patients to enter to/exit from the chair steadily and easily.

■Consideration for assistants

Assitant holder is positioned higher than before with wider movable range, for easier working position of assistants.

Bucket filter can be cleaned without dirtying the hands.


Sonic cup filler can be individually switched off when cleaning of plumbing around, not necessary for turning off the main switch of dental chair.


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Product information
Product name (Model) Osada Opal Confort (OPL2.1)
General designations Dental chair set
Manufacturer Osada Electric Co., Ltd.
Power input Voltage: AC100V
Frequency: 50/60Hz