Dental Chair Set
Smily Inicio for Thailand

<font size=1>Dental Chair Set</font> </br>Smily Inicio for Thailand

High performance dental chair for all of Thailand doctors.

Enjoy our high quality and pleasant treatment for patient.

■Provides pleasant treatment

■ View light LED
By the LED light supplied to all handpieces as OSADA’s standard, the spot in the operation field in cavity is properly caught.

■ Big size treatment table
The treatment table is assured with the sufficient space for putting medicament bottle, cotton, treatment set in sterilized bag on it and the treatment can be comfortably focused on.
The chair operation is simple, by only one switch operation, Memory and Auto, the chair can be shifted from treatment position to gargle position.

■ Multi-purpose ultrasonic scaler with light
The treatment needs bright operation field like endodontic treatment and root planing and dental calculus scaling, etc. can be performed efficiently with the ultrasonic scaler Enac 11L with light.
ENAC 11L is optional item.

■Flat type instrument holder
The activated instrument holder can be set at the convenient position and the treatment can be performed efficiently. The flat instrument holder helps avoiding the mistake to drop and spoil the handpiece.

■Offers the comfortable treatment to patients

■Round type backrest
The round type backrest holds even the big built person properly and the patient can get the treatment with easy feeling.

■Both side armrest
The both side armrest attached to the backrest works with chair movement interlocking and is paralleled with the seat. The patient can be relaxed with ease. Both side arm-rest is optional item.

■Plesant treatment for patient with comfort seat
The Comfort seat is highly recommended to the patient who goes through long sitting treatment or special patients who needs care. Please provide comfort to them.
Comfort seat is optional item.

■Concerning on more Hygiene

■Foot controller with chair control pedals
While in the treatment, there is no need of touching switch panel on the table with the soiled hand with blood, etc. as the operations like seat elevating/lowering, backrest raising/ reclining can be done by foot pedal. It protects the hygiene always. By the operation of spray pedal on foot controller, intermittent spray comes from the handpiece and it helps clearing the treatment spot.

■Sensor type LED operating light LH-M16
By the selection of optional item, the operating light with sensor, without touching the lamp, the ON/OFF operation can be done and protects the hygiene. The operating light with sensor is optional item.

■Interlocking bowl flushing
When the patient puts down the gurgle cup by sensor, automatically flushing water flows from spittoon bowl and cleans. Always it is kept in hygiene.

Product information
Product name (Model) Osada Smily Inicio (IPI-S)
Dental designation Dental unit
Manufacturer Osada Electric Co., Ltd.
Power input Voltage: AC 230 V.
Frequency: 50 Hz
Currency: 4 A